New release…The Hydrous Taxi

13 06 2007

The Hydrous Taxi in Dubai

Always Dubai try to avoid the crowded traffic by suggesting a special solutions such as paying tickets before entering Shaikh Zayed Road or submitting the Helicopter service for the businessmen..

And now the new release is The Hydrous Taxi, where you can gain a lot of positive points such as reaching your direction as a priority, then you can have fun by watching the wonderful spectacle of Dubai.




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14 06 2007

Hi Saidawi
THanks for the lovely pic of the water taxi in Dubai. I have applied for a job there and hope to hear some time in July if I will be moving to Dubai from South Africa!
Take care

14 06 2007
ahmed saiadwi

Thanks Milli for your comment & also for your visit to my blog..
I hope you can find your dream job in Dubai,,,
and dont forget to try the Hydrous Taxi..
Take Care…

14 06 2007

What a wonderful blog Saidawi. Really, we suffers from the crowded streets when we go to Dubai and specially during Dubai Shopping Festival, so I think that water taxi is a smart idea. But on the other hand, I am afraid of the new tickets system (Salek) because it may be a solution for Shaikh Zayed Road,but it could change the other streets to a very crowded streets.
Keep on going,

14 06 2007
ahmed saiadwi

oh best friend Abd Al Rahman is here !!
first, you are welcome here abood…and thanks for your visiting and sharing your opinion in my blog…

second, I agree with you about what you said but, it could be better to increase the crowdness in the Shaikh Zayed Road,, because its the main entrance to Dubai city…and we cant forget the super projects that dubai is doing nowadays to solve the problem of croweded streets, such as Metro Dubai..that soon I will blog about it

15 06 2007

Hi guys

Dubai is growing so astronomically quickly that an affordable metro and taxi system are going to be essential – like London – the tube system is what makes living and working in London a dream. You can live there without ever owning your own car, public transport is so good. I am a bit nervous of driving in Dubai – it is said that the drivers are terrible and there is a high number of accidents. Driving is on the right hand side of the road in left hand drive vehicles – in South Africa and England we drive on the left – this is confusing. Do a lot of the people who drive every day in Dubai drive 4 x 4’s? What is the most common car – Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Sani, Renault Scenic??? I would love to own a Peugot 207 cc. Are there a lot of convertibles in Dubai??


16 06 2007
ahmed saiadwi

Hi Milli….thanks for visiting again..
well, Dubai now is becoming an international city where you can find the modern life style and people from all over the world..
4 wheel drive cars are so common here in the UAE and most of the locals here own these cars such as Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, Hammar…
In UAE in general & Dubai specially you can find all the models you can think of……

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